Why Choose Us?


Professional Tour Management

Arranging fully customized sports tours is what we do – FULL-TIME. Your group will benefit from our vast experience in international sports team travel to ensure that your tour will run smoothly.


Fully Customized Tour Itinerary

While your group may visit cities or towns that other teams have enjoyed before, the length, pace and routing of YOUR tour will be unique to YOUR group.


Efficient Pre-Trip Communication

In preparing for your trip, as questions arise, please let us know. We will respond in a timely fashion so that you have the answers necessary to make informed decisions.


Your MST rep will travel with your team

Your group will enjoy the services of a PROFESSIONAL tour manager who will accompany your group on your tour. This will help to ensure that the trip runs smoothly and that everyone, including your group leader, will more fully enjoy your tour.


Ability to adjust your daily itinerary

As you travel on your tour, your tour rep has the responsibility, obligation and the authority to adjust the itinerary to ensure that the pace of the trip matches the pace of the group. Through constant communication with the group leader, the itinerary can be adjusted to ensure your satisfaction.


You deserve the opportunity to enjoy a “stress-free” trip

As the person or persons responsible for a group, we know that you will have a lot of preparation work for your tour. By handling all of the logistics, we help to ensure that, once you are on the tour, you can fully enjoy your tour.

At Moore Sports Tours, we are with you…..Every step of the way!